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Looks like it's getting time to change the brain pan and install new heads...
Written by Daniel   
Monday, 19 February 2007 08:15
Days of the idiot behind the wheel are numbered
Mark Henderson in San Francisco
Times online
Cars are not the most dangerous things on the road; drivers are, a group of scientists says.

They believe that there are so many idiots behind the wheel that we would all be safer if cars were driven by robots.

Artificial intelligence, they claim, is safer than no intelligence at all — a trait which the average motorist is apt to detect in many other road users. Technology will have advanced so much in the next 25 years that by 2030 cars controlled by artificial intelligence will be a desirable reality and a great improvement on those guided by humans, Sebastian Thrun, of Stanford University in California, told the annual meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS).

His speculation is already familiar from fictional robotic vehicles such as Kitt, the star of the Knight Rider television series, to the 1997 horror film Trucks, in which driverless lorries descend on a small American town and frightens the wits out of the inhabitants....More

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