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The Earth doesn't suck After all!
Written by Daniel   
Tuesday, 20 February 2007 07:13
New study says Earth hums due to waves
Posted Feb 19, 2007 at 02:49AM by Glen D.
 Does the Earth hum? Scientists say it does. In 1998, researchers in Japan detected a mild, rumbling sound in the lithosphere even when there aren't any earthquakes detected.

To test this yourself, try holding your ear close to the ground and listen- do you hear a sound that goes "thump, thump, thump?" If you can, seek medical help because something is very wrong with you. Either that or you were somewhere in Kenya with gazelles stampeding in the distance at the time you were doing the test.

That's because the earth's hum, although very real, is well below the hearing range of humans. Detectable only by the most sensitive seismometers, the hum is only about 10 millihertz in frequency.

The researchers who made the discovery hypothesized that the rumble may not actually coming from the earth itself, but from the force of air downdrafting on soil and pounding it to create the steady rhythm. However, American scientists recently concluded an elaborate research suggesting that the thump emanates from waves in the coastline hitting the shores and not from wind. Barbara Romanowicz, from the University of California at Berkeley, spearheaded the American research team and deployed seismometers worldwide to determine the source of the rumbling.... More

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