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Reconsider the electron: A new spin on memory
Written by Gizmo   
Wednesday, 28 February 2007 15:34
Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) have relied heavily on semiconductor memory for their leading-edge designs. Over many years, DRAM, SRAM and flash have become commodities and readily accepted to the point of design complacence. However, these days talk is centered on seeking out next-generation or “universal” memory technology. That diligent search is taking on greater urgency due to growing concerns conventional memory will no longer scale in the near future.

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At the 90- and 65-nm technology nodes, DRAM remains relatively healthy, although its process is not compatible for embedded applications. At 45-nm, however, DRAM encounters some scaling problems.

At that feature size, the capacitor is not able to hold sufficient charge. Vendors are now trying to shore up that issue by applying three-dimensional charge elements and other techniques to create a larger capacitor. But even with those remedies, DRAM vendors are hedging their bets by creating alternative approaches to keep business as usual.

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