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Solution: Stop your X-Fi "Popping" problems!
Written by skool h8r   
Wednesday, 28 February 2007 19:38

Hi everyone,
i believe that the answer has arrived! The Creative X-Fi Popping and Cracking sound problems and the "Squeak of death" appear to have been solved. The cause? Electromagnetic Interference! So nothing technical, something natural. And we have a solution on solving it:

So anyone with those problems, give it a try. Perhaps you could even wrap the "addin card" in a few layers of clingfilm and use sticky tape to attach it to your X-Fi, so that it doesn't short the card but still provides the function of stopping the cracking sounds. Maybe you could even leave a small amount of cardboard and actually "plug it in" to one of your PCI slots. Or glue it to one of those PCI slot protector things.

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