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Outlaw MS could be subject to daily fines!
Written by Daniel   
Friday, 02 March 2007 09:37

EU Looking Into New Fines For Microsoft


 The European Union could fine Microsoft up to $4 million USD per day for non-compliance with antitrust rulings

It looks like the European Union (EU) is after Microsoft yet again. In 2004, the EU Commission fined Microsoft $634 million USD for its monopolistic business practices. In July of 2006, the EU once again fined Microsoft to the tune of $375.4 million USD for failing to comply with antitrust rulings. The EU also took Microsoft to task over the security features in Windows Vista citing a threat to competition in the marketplace.

Today, we learn that the EU is looking to fine Microsoft $4 million USD per day for not providing affordable tools to help its competitors develop compatible software for Windows-based operating systems.

"This is a company which apparently does not like to have to conform with antitrust decisions," said Jonathan Todd, a spokesman for the EU Commission. "In the 50 years of European antitrust policy, it is the first time we have been confronted by a company which has failed to comply with an antitrust decision... We are in unknown territory. We don't want to be in a situation where ten years after an antitrust decision, they still are not in compliance."

Microsoft has been given four weeks to respond to the EU's demands or face the daily fine. The EU contends that Microsoft's has shown no basis for the pricing of its patented communication protocols (i.e. Base Authentication and Authorization, Domain Services Interaction, Print RPC, etc.), thus it has formally rejected over 1,500 pages of pricing proposals put forth by the Redmond, WA-based company....More

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