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Nanotechnology Ready for Boom; Safety Questions Next, Says New Chairman of Testing Firm
Written by Gizmo   
Saturday, 03 March 2007 16:11
Breakthroughs in nanotechnology will "fuel our next surge in productivity" in ways that we don't even realize, according to the new chairman at nanoTox, a materials testing firm headquartered in Houston.

Read the full story at NanoTechWire:

"The nanotechnology industry will be very disruptive to existing technologies, but it will lead us to faster communications, reduce our energy needs and give us stronger and lighter materials," said Jan Dryselius.

"We haven't even begun to realize the significance of the developments in the world of nano materials," he said, referring to the tiny particles that are measured on a near-atomic scale -- just a few billionths of a meter.

"But the industry needs to begin to concentrate its efforts to ensure that this new wave is safe to produce, and safe for the end user."

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