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AMD 690 chipset, a first look
Written by Danrok   
Sunday, 04 March 2007 10:04


This week AMD released its (long time delayed) RS690 chipset. As the first chipset to come out of the merger between AMD and ATI, we now have a “powerful” integrated chipset that offers Avivo video post processing, HDMI, DVI and HDCP support.

Initially, it was an ATI chipset pegged for launch this time last year, but it was delayed because of delays to ATI's SB600 southbridge, and then there was AMD's acquisition of ATI that made things a little difficult. Finally, there were rumoured licensing issues with HDMI, where not only does AMD have to have a license to launch a product with HDMI, but each individual company who uses the product also has to have a license as well.

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