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Written by Daniel   
Tuesday, 06 March 2007 09:47

OEM Vista crack gets round 'phone home' activation


By Andrew Thomas: Tuesday 06 March 2007, 12:32
Oh God, you've set him off again..

JUST AS MY INBOX WAS RECOVERING from the flames from my last story on crackers/ hackers/pirates, along comes news of yet another exploit. APC mag carries details of a crack released by pirate horde Paradox, which allows a stolen installation of Vista to be activated and made fully-operational without phoning home to Redmond.

Like XP before it, MS produces OEM versions of Vista for shipping with new systems as a result of outfits like Acer and HP reckoning the whole process was too complex for their dim-witted customers to get their heads round. The chosen companies get a unique key for their preloads and the system can then run straight out of the box as soon as the punter gets it home... More

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