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Judge, Seems to favor "I lost my home work" arguement
Written by Daniel   
Wednesday, 07 March 2007 11:25

Judge shows mercy to Chipzilla over missing mails
The Inquirer
Meanwhile we find another missing Intel mail

By The Spinola Twins: Wednesday 07 March 2007, 18:39
THE PARTIES AMD (Chimpzilla) and Intel (Chipzilla) appeared before Judge Joseph Farnan today as the case of missing emails became a matter for the court in an antitrust case.

But, according to Dow Jones Newswire, Judge Joseph Farnan appeared to show mercy to Intel after it grovelled and said it had made errors that meant mails AMD is after had gone missing.
The judge ruled it appeared to be a human lapse but said if it wasn't a human lapse, other things might well happen. AMD claims Intel "losing" mails is a reckless step aimed to prevent the truth from coming out. The case continues.....More

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