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DDR2 Analysis: OCZ PC2-8500 Platinum
Written by Gizmo   
Tuesday, 13 March 2007 19:05
(Image courtesy of Nordic Hardware)

With several innovative products such as the DDR Booster and a power supply with adjustable rails, OCZ has found their way into many overclockers' hearts. Enthusiasts might remember the Voltage eXtreme-series as a clear example of hardcore enthusiasts putting the manufacturers to their limits when it comes to ingenuity. Today the memory market has a vast array of products and of course of prices, ranging from cheap to sky high. And we're seeing a lot of companies fighting over who has the fastest memory around.

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Today we see DDR2 on all performance platforms, at the same time we're seeing that DDR2 has started replacing DDR on the low end systems as well. We've earlier looked at the memory performance of AMD's AM2 platform and now it's time to examine the performance of its Intel counterpart. We're namely going to examine performance of the P965 platform from Intel at different frequencies and timings as well as investigate how these OCZ PC2-8500 Platinum sticks overclock at different voltages.

We'll start by introducing the memory, the OCZ PC2-8500 Platinum, as these sticks will function as the very foundation of this article.

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