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RV610 and RV630 details released.
Written by Pitch   
Tuesday, 13 March 2007 22:23

RV610 and RV630 will compete with G83/G86 and G84 respectivly.

RV610 will come in four flavours and will replace the X1300. It's an entry level DX10 part built on 65nM tech, however, ATi have chosen a very low 64bit memory bus for it. Another intresting bit of information is that some models will have native crossfire support.

RV630 will be AMD's new midrange card, replaceing the X1600, probably a 80nM part itself.

It comes in three versions, with the top end model featuring a full 512MB of GDDR4, however, the card runs into a bottleneck with only a 128bit memory bus. Which seems pretty limiting for a midrange part.

There's been no news on core configuration of any of ATi's R6XX parts, they've remained pretty tightlipped about it for now.

There's no word on pricing yet. 

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