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Help MS find dignity, they will pay you to search
Written by Daniel   
Saturday, 17 March 2007 07:11
Microsoft paying businesses to use Live Search
ARS Technica
By Jeremy Reimer | Published: March 16, 2007 - 03:32PM CT

According to John Battelle's Search blog, Microsoft is trying out a new incentive program to try and promote Windows Live Search. The program is targeted at enterprise customers who have large numbers of desktop PCs that their employees use for Internet access.
Windows Live Search continues to fall behind competitors...

Signing up for the program involves a company telling Microsoft how many PCs it wishes to enroll, then distributing a "Browser Helper Object"—a plugin for Internet Explorer—supplied by Microsoft on said machines. The BHO is used to measure search usage on the PCs and send the results back to Microsoft. The use of Internet Explorer 7 is required for participation in the program.

There are various levels of involvement after that point. Microsoft suggests several different methods for "encouraging" employees to use Windows Live Search during their daily web browsing: an in-house training session to teach the employees how to "get the most from search" using Windows Live, the removal of existing web browser toolbars that use other search engines, setting the users' home pages to Windows Live Search, and even an "e-mail message of encouragement from the CEO."... More

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