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All AMD R6xx chips are 65 nanometre chips, now
Written by Gizmo   
Saturday, 17 March 2007 20:17

The Inquirer

By Theo Valich

When yours truly learned of a new respin of the chip in early January, we learned that this respin was caused by one fact, and one fact only.

The 80 nanometre chip was bleeding current like a slaughtered pig bleeds blood as said quadruped heads to the Munchner Halle to be served up as a sausage or two. Squealing.

Read the full story at The Inquirer:

 However, we did not know then that AMD did not order just a respin, but the company got an attack of bravery, didn't take the R520/R580 route, and scrapped the R600 altogether. Things change.

The 80nm R600 die - as it was leaked - will now come to life only in a very limited amount of chips, since AMD decided to solve its problems by pulling all resources to go 65 nano across the board, including this 720 million trannie heavy monster. This drastically reduces power consumption and lets AMD clock the R600 to 1GHz or even more. The mass production R600 will be made on a 65 nanometre process.

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