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Corsair HX620W review
Written by Gizmo   
Monday, 26 March 2007 19:26
(Image courtesy of Nordic Hardware)

Nordic Hardware

Today we here at NordicHardware will examine a power supply made from a company that is mostly famous for its well performing RAM. I�m of course talking about Corsair. With a 620W strong power supply Corsair enters the power supply scene. Being a well reputed name on the RAM market, which falls under the category of computer components, makes power supplies not too far away.

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The Corsair HX620W comes in a pretty standard looking box. The one thing about this box that isn't ordinary is the five by five centimeters large sticker on the right corner of the box. Corsair also gives the buyer a five year warranty, which is really good. This could be an indication that Corsair has made a product that will stand the test of time. As five years is quite some time in the computer business. When we open the box we find that the box contains everything that is expected to be found in a power supply box. First the power supply itself, then a power cable and a bag of modular cables and connectors. The only thing that differs from an ordinary power supply box is that the bag of modular cables is made of nylon. This is pretty smart considering the fact that if one doesn't use all the modular cables one can just put the unused ones back in the bag, instead of just leaving them around. A lot of manufacturers doesn't think if this or just ignore it, as they ship their cables in ordinary plastic bags.

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