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Computer to change form to suit task!
Written by Daniel   
Tuesday, 27 March 2007 08:33

World's First Morphable Computer for DARPA
Marcus Yam
Research giant Raytheon says its created the world's first computer architecture that can adopt different forms

Raytheon Co. claims to have developed the world's first computer architecture that can adopt different forms depending on its application. Dubbed MONARCH for “Morphable Networked Micro-Architecture,” Raytheon says the chip was developed for the Department of Defense to address the large data volume of sensor systems as well as their signal and data processing throughput requirements.


The MONARCH contains six microprocessors and “a highly interconnected reconfigurable computing array,” which according to Raytheon’s estimates “provides 64 gigaflops with more than 60GB per second of memory bandwidth and more than 43GB per second of off-chip data bandwidth.”

According to Raytheon’s presentation materials, the six processors inside the MONARCH are of RISC scaler architecture and are capable of Altivec-like SIMD operations. The processor contains 96 adders (fixed and float), 96 multipliers, 124 dual port memories, 258 address generators, 12MB on-chip DRAM, 14 DMA engines and 20 differential IFL (DIFL) ports capable of 1.3 GB per second each.

The MONARCH also performs as a single system on a chip, resulting in a significant reduction of the number of processors required for computing systems. The system’s polymorphic capabilities enable the development of defense systems that need to be very small size, low power, and in some cases radiation tolerance for such purposes as global positioning systems, airborne and space radar and video processing systems.... More

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