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Old Welsh geezers download the most music
Written by Daniel   
Friday, 30 March 2007 07:30

Old Welsh geezers download the most music
There's lovely
The Register!
By Andrew Thomas: Friday 30 March 2007, 11:29

OLD FOGEYS will have spent up to £24,000 on music, stereo equipment and live gigs by the time they reach 50, says a UK radio station.

Forty per cent of people over 50 own an iPod or MP3 player and have downloaded an average of 45 tracks from the internet. One in 20 of them has downloaded more than 500 songs.

Smooth Radio - which this week launched new stations in London, the East and West Midlands, the North West of England and Glasgow – commissioned a poll to discover the listening habits of the UK's 11 million listeners aged between 45 and 60. The average wrinkly has a music collection comprising 75 vinyl records, 52 cassettes and 114 CDs. Scottish hipsters own an average of 140 CDs, almost double the number owned by their hip replacement southern counterparts....More

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