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Catalyst 7.3 Causes BSOD in Vista
Written by Gizmo   
Friday, 30 March 2007 13:12

Extreme Tech
By Joel Durham Jr.

Looking to boost your system's performance? A driver upgrade is often a great way to do it, but in the case of AMD's new Catalyst 7.3 driver package for Radeon graphics cards and Windows Vista, you might want to hold off before you take the plunge unless you enjoy gazing at blue screens with white lettering. It's another case of driver woes with the new operating system.

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The new Catalyst drivers, released March 28, in rare cases, have a problem with Windows Vista that causes the notorious blue screen of death (a blue screen with white, which indicates that Windows has run into a serious, show-stopping problem). If you frequent message boards of PC and gaming enthusiast sites such as those at Rage3D, HardOCP and DriverHeaven, you may have seen everything from level-headed problem reports to flames full of foaming rage over the problem. Chris Catt, a forum poster, notes, "I am not angry about this, it happens, but ATI should know better."

Here at ExtremeTech, we're not immune. We noticed the problem the day of the driver's release, shortly before recording the ExtremeTech Podcast. The system in question is an Athlon FX-60-based PC with 2GB of RAM on an ATI CrossFire XPress 1600-based motherboard; the graphics card in question is a Radeon X1900XTX with a CrossFire card. The problem also occurred in one other system in our lab, an Intel Core 2 Duo EQ6700-based system on a 975X-based board with 2GB of RAM and X1950XT. The BSOD did not occur on an older system with a Pentium 4 1600, 1GB of memory, and an X800 graphics card. Analyst Jason Cross also fell victim.

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