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Intel Quad arrives at 2.93GHz on a 1066FSB next week
Written by Daniel   
Wednesday, 04 April 2007 06:23
Intel quad QX6800 coming next week
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By Charlie Demerjian: Wednesday 04 April 2007, 10:04
WORD HAS REACHED our tender ears that the Intel's quad-core QX6800 will be floating around sooner than you think unless you think it will be here before next Monday. When it arrives, it will not be without flaws however


This release puzzles me for two reasons. First is that it isn't needed at all, AMD has no part that is quad-ish in one socket, so where is the threat? The other problem? Power, this one is said to blow out the 120W limit and then some.

We are told that the NDA goes up on the QX6800 Monday, the samples floating everywhere now are 2.93GHz on a 1066FSB, basically matching the current X6800 clock for clock. There will be two of them though, so it should be a great gaming part.

The first snag is volume. Intel is basically warning OEMs to not expect many if any. Q2 production will be in the low thousands, not tens of thousands of parts.

The curious bit is that with a lack of competitors, why do this? If they don't price it above the QX6700, all they will do is drive the price on their volume parts down. What's to gain other than lost margins? I don't get it.... More

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