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Spansion packs NOR, ORNAND, Quad onto die
Written by Gizmo   
Wednesday, 04 April 2007 14:31

Mike Clendenin

Spansion Inc. plans to combine its MirrorBit NOR, ORNAND and Quad Flash memory on a single die, making it the latest flash memory player to rethink its architecture in an effort to offer handset designers a one-stop-shop approach to choosing a memory subsystem.

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The company's Mirrorbit Eclipse architecture is targeted at feature phones and portable multimedia devices, where Spansion believes it can shave 30 percent off the bill of materials compared with a two- or three-chip approach. Spansion will roll first silicon based on 2-bit-per-cell devices in the third quarter and ramp production in early 2008.

But handset designers will reap the greatest benefits when Spansion introduces a hybrid 2-bit/4-bit-per-cell device sometime in early 2009, as it ramps up a 45-nanometer process. Only then will designers be able to play around with the programmability of the memory and determine the advantages of its flexibility.

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