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HP's future-gen gaming tech
Written by Danrok   
Thursday, 05 April 2007 05:06


Video projectors.
From Engaget:

So we hit up HP's Gaming Summit which, as it turned out, only seemed peripherally related to gaming besides the announcement of an unnamed mid-to-high end gaming brand this year. Still, their R&D labs were happy to drag some old favorites out of the vault -- like the Misto touchscreen-based coffee table -- as well as show of some hitherto unseen technologies, such as:

Pluribus - Our favorite: use a camera (for alignment) and as many off-the-shelf projectors as you want to make a scalable, massive, composite-projected screen. Users can choose software assisted alignments that result in resolution, redundancy, enhanced brightness, or combinations therein. In the 12 projector demo we saw, a 15-foot composite display which was almost totally unaffected by someone walking through it. (Check out this slide to get a general idea as to how it works. Forgive us, HP, for our crude mockup.)

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