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Advancing CIGS Solar Cell Manufacturing Technology
Written by Gizmo   
Tuesday, 10 April 2007 07:28

Neil Thomas
Renewable Energy Access

The University of Delaware's Institute of Energy Conversion (IEC) has developed new technology for the manufacture of flexible solar cells, which could reduce the costs associated with the use of photovoltaic energy while at the same time expanding possible applications.

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The system, in which there has been commercial interest, enables the more efficient manufacture of the flexible solar cells in long sheets using roll-to-roll reactors, much like newsprint speeding through a press.

As such, the system allows "extremely high production throughputs, thus reducing manufacturing costs," according to Erten Eser, associate scientist at IEC.

It also provides for lightweight and flexible solar cell panels that could find interest in the space, military and recreational markets. For standard applications, the solar cells can also be encapsulated into a more traditional rigid structure.

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