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IBM to spend ONE BILLION a year on conservation of energy!
Written by Daniel   
Thursday, 10 May 2007 12:05
IBM unveils energy efficiency plan
By Caroline McCarthy
Published: May 10, 2007, 8:25 AM PDT
C/Net News

NEW YORK--Let the color jokes begin: With its new energy efficiency initiatives, Big Blue wants to go green.

At an event for press, analysts and business partners in New York City on Thursday morning, IBM announced that it will be reallocating $1 billion per year into a new initiative that has the goal of making IT infrastructures more energy-efficient. According to IBM, this will not only make companies and public organizations' data centers more environmentally friendly, it will dramatically cut down on energy costs.

"Think of it as a road map to green data centers," said Val Rahmani, general manager of infrastructure management services for IBM's Global Technology Services division. "We're going to lay that out and we're going to show how the pieces fit."

The company has aptly titled this initiative Project Big Green, and claims that it will enable the average 25,000-square-foot data center to cut its energy bills by 42 percent. IBM has also set a goal of doubling the computing capacity of its worldwide data centers by 2010 while keeping power consumption levels steady.

With Project Big Green, IBM has introduced a new set of products and services for its clients that address various steps of the "greening" process for corporate IT infrastructures. "We're mobilizing IBM," Rahmani said. "We're integrating our technologies, hardware, software, our information technology and consulting skills, research, and financial capabilities together to address these issues." A Web portal for clients interested in participating in Project Big Green will launch soon.

Among the new offerings from IBM are several energy efficiency assessment programs, both full-fledged analyses and a quicker, Web-based assessment for companies that may be testing the waters. The programs are intended to help companies learn how their data centers measure up to standards and where they can improve.

"We can then work with the client to help them remediate each one of those opportunities," said Mike Daniels, senior vice president of the company's Global Technology Services division. The remedies include patented "cool batteries" and "cooling doors" to reduce the costs of cooling a data center, which Daniels said can be responsible for nearly half of its energy costs... More

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