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Corsair talks DDR3, EPP and Overclocking
Written by Samuknow   
Thursday, 10 May 2007 19:53

In a performance gaming “trax” seminar held by Intel yesterday, Corsair detailed some of the upcoming DDR3 products it is currently readying:
  • Corsair DDR3 modules will be out before the P35 (Bearlake) motherboards arrive in the next few weeks.

  • Corsair will ship both standard 1066MHz XMS3 modules with heatspreaders as well as 1333MHz modules with DHX technology.

  • Only the ultra high end will be “Dominator” branded, but a larger range is set to use the DHX heatsink technology.

Corsair also delved into a little spontaneous Q&A and revealed that they have tried watercooling but have found it offers very little for cooling unless you pass water right over the memory chips. Due to the extreme limitation of space between the memory modules, this makes it extremely difficult to do effectively. Also, the technological challenge of cost reduction, large investment in extra kit for little gain and end user ease of use just put them off entirely.

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