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3R System’s R110 Mid Tower Casing
Written by Gizmo   
Wednesday, 23 May 2007 09:54


(Image courtesy of Technoyard)
(Image courtesy of Technoyard)


When it comes to computer casings 3R System probably won’t be the 1st company that would come into your mind, but we hope that’ll change after this review. There are many case manufactures out there in the market; however the ones you remember are those who manufacture really innovative ones. And we’d like to believe 3R System falls into this category.

Today we bring to you one of 3R System’s new additions to their product line-up; the “R110 – The One” mid tower casing. We found this casing to be quite innovative and well suited for today’s overclockers demands, but before we go onto the details time to look at the specs for the case.


Read the full review at Technoyard :


  • Dimension(Chassis) : 200(W) x 430(H) x 435(D)
  • Dimension(Total) : 200(W) x 437(H) x 473(D)
  • Drive Bays : 5.25" x 4ea ,3.5" x 6ea (Hidden : 5)
    * Full Heat Sink aluminum HDD Bays : 4ea
  • M/B Form Factor : ATX, Micro-ATX
  • PSU Form Factor : ATX
  • Weight : 7.5Kg
  • Colors : Black, Silver
  • Expansion Slots : 7 Slots
  • Front Fan : 140mm (Removable Dust Filter)
    Rear Fan : 120mm
  • Port : USB 2.0 x 2ea / MIC / SPK
  • Side Panel CAG 1.1 : 120mm Air Duct(Removable Dust Filter) + VGA Cooling Hole
  • Navigation Display LCD : 6-level Fan Speed Controller (2 channels), temperature display, visual Indication of FAN/HDD operation, system running time display

The aluminum 3.5” drive bay heatsinks are a great feature and if you’re running multiple hard drives on your system, especially a RAID setup; you can really take advantage of these heatsinks as it’ll keep all your drives cool.

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