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Antec Performance One P182 Limited Edition
Written by Gizmo   
Monday, 28 May 2007 16:51
(Image courtesy of Antec)

Nordic Hardware:

Antec Performance One P182 Limited Edition is just what the name says, a limited edition of an already excellent case. The Performance One series has been praised over and over by the press and the consumers, the Limited Edition with its mirror side panels and snake light is just as good as the rest.

Read the full review at Nordic Hardware:

The case is delivered with three 120mm fans installed: one in the roof of the case, one in the rear and one in the lower chamber. These are all adjustable in three different modes. You also have the possibility to install a few more fans, as you will see on the coming pages. The specifications of the fans are in the table below. We recommend you to set them to the lower possible setting. That is because it's more than enough and the faster settings are a bit too loud for our taste, even if it may sound a bit fastidious.
The number of 5.25” and 3.25” slots is pretty normal for cases of this size and we can't imagine that you would need more for a regular computer.

The side panels of the P18X series are made from three layers (aluminum – plastic – aluminum) that dampen practically all of the noise and vibrations coming from the components. At the same time, we have a rigid frame made from stainless Japanese steel. Aluminum is too soft to be used as frame material and the superior heat conductive properties does not outweigh the drawbacks of more vibrations and a soft frame.

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