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Crysis vs HAZE: Graphical Comparison
Written by Raphael2040   
Thursday, 31 May 2007 17:05

Crysis is quickly becoming one of the most anticipated titles for the PC. With its amazing graphics and engine, this game seems to be every PC gamer's dream. Since the PS3's release, there have been heated debates about whether the PS3's graphics surpass that of the PCs. Crysis provides PC gamers with a perfect response to this debate, but what about PS3 gamers?

Enter HAZE - A promising game for the PS3, due for release in the fall of this year. It's gameplay is very similar to that of Crysis, in the sense that it has similar weapons and fighting styles. What's more, the graphics on this game seem to be, by far, the best I've seen on a PS3 game so far.

 But is it good enough to prove to PC gamers that PS3 really does have the best graphics? See for yourself over at PlayStation Universe.


So what do you think? Does HAZE really look better than Crysis? Or does Crysis still remain the best looking game yet? Let us know in the Gaming Forums.


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