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Gates and Jobs on stage
Written by Danrok   
Saturday, 02 June 2007 09:22


Bill Gates and Steve Jobs
D: All Things Digital conference is laid on by the Wall Street Journal. This year sees Steve Jobs and Bill Gates sharing the same stage, a rare sight these days. They both talked about the other's business, Xbox, iPod and commercials.

This is what Jobs had to say about Bill: "Well, you know, Bill built the first software company in the industry and I think he built the first software company before anybody really in our industry knew what a software company was, except for these guys. And that was huge. That was really huge. And the business model that they ended up pursuing turned out to be the one that worked really well, you know, for the industry. I think the biggest thing was, Bill was really focused on software before almost anybody else had a clue that it was really the software."

In return Gates said: "What Steve's done is phenomenal. Back in 1977, the Apple II, the idea that it would be a mass-market machine and an incredibly empowering phenomenon. And the Macintosh, that was so risky. Apple really bet the company, Lisa hadn't done that well, but the team that Steve built within the company to pursue that, some days it felt a little ahead of its time. Remember the Twiggy disk drive and..."

More on this at DailyTech.

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