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OCZ PC2-8500 Reaper HPC review
Written by Danrok   
Sunday, 03 June 2007 07:22


OCZ DDR3 Memory
OCZ DDR3 Memory.

Madshrimps have taken a look at a pair of OCZ DDR3 memory modules, which are presently supported by the new Intel P35 chipset.


To review a pair of DDR2 memory sticks gives me a bit of a mixed feeling these days. Most - if not all - of our readers know that DDR3 is upon us , certainly since Intel hard launched its new P35 chipset last week. P35 gives us full support for DDR3 memory, which promises even higher speeds than DDR2. As we speak, the first DDR3 mainboards like the Asus P5K3-deluxe are hitting the streets, and the first "real" DDR3 modules are available at our shops. Furthermore, if you look at many of the competitive websites, one would think that DDR2 is dead already, and DDR3 is the Holy Grail we've all been waiting for. In the next paragraphs I'll be expressing my own point of view on this newly found Holy Grail, but what is sure though is that we've entered what seems to be another transitional period in the memory landscape.

The big question of course is this: are we talking a real, short term transition to DDR3 here, or are we getting the DDR2 transition story all over again? Let's not forget that, at this moment, AMD’s AM2 and Intel Core 2 are not even one year old, with most people only upgrading from DDR towards DDR2 since June or July 2006. As you might know, Intel has been pushing DDR2 since their transition to the 775 pin socket in June 2004, but with very little success in the first two years (mostly due to AMD having the performance crown, at the time). It is the same Intel that tries to convince us to move towards DDR3 in the near future, so will they succeed in a faster transition this time around?

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