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OCZ, Where the very small becomes very cool!!
Written by Daniel   
Saturday, 09 June 2007 09:39

Nanotech is everywhere.
When one considers that life it self begin on the scale of the single celled perhaps this shouldn't surprise us... but it does! Every time I come across another application of this tech I'm astonished at the scale upon which the very small has begun to impact us.
From agriculture to medicine. lubricant, body armor, super strength and super conducting wire, communications, the little bugs are everywhere and by all accounts doing great work.
Now OCZ has created a heatsink base made entirely from nabnotube technology that has FIVE times the cooling power of copper.

OCZ Displays Carbon Nanotube Cooler
Gabriel Ikram (Blog) - June 9, 2007 3:26 AM
The first heatsink to make use of directional carbon nanotubes, the OCZ Hydrojet, was on display at Computex 2007. Carbon nanotubes, an allotrope of carbon, are widely regarded as the next major thermal interface material because of their superior thermal conduction properties.

The contact base of the OCZ Hydrojet is made completely of carbon-nanotubes, which OCZ claims is five times more efficient than copper. Carbon nanotubes have been looked upon as a strong alternative to traditional copper based heatsinks. They are very ideal for application in heat transfer products because of their impressive heat-conduction properties. Carbon nanotube based interfaces have been shown to conduct more heat than conventional thermal interface materials at the same temperatures. In addition, they have shown to be ballistic conductors at room temperature, which means electrons can flow through CNTs without collision... More

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