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Revoltec or revolting?
Written by Danrok   
Sunday, 10 June 2007 17:34

Revoltec Zirconium silver case reviewed


Revoltec Zirconium
Revoltec Zirconium
Review by Bit-Tech:

Obviously the main thing anyone wants out of a PC case is a good sense of style, especially since many PCs are now starting to find their way into the living room under the guise of being a media centre. It's unfortunate then that the Revoltec Zirconium is one of the ugliest computer cases we've ever seen.

It was so ugly in fact that, when I opened the box using a little tip from the forums, and set it on the empty desk next to my own other members of staff actually recoiled, asking in not so pleasant terms why the hell I felt it necessary to mould my own vomit into a silver PC case.

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