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Google parks tanks on Ebay's lawn
Written by Danrok   
Friday, 15 June 2007 13:55

...and it backfires 

Ebay has, for the time being, pulled all advertising on Google's AdWords program.  This is in response to Google's recent party pooping exercise, where Google held an event on the same evening as Ebay's annual merchants' conference.

It is thought that Google was attempting to draw people away from Ebay's PayPal, and get them interested in its own payment system - Google Checkout.

Ebay is possibly AdWords' biggest customer, they spend $25m a year on Google ads.  The chances are this will blow over before too long, and Ebay will be using AdWords again.

At present Ebay does not allow traders to use Google Checkout, which is in direct competition with their own PayPal.

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