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SilverStone NS312 Networkable Hard Drive Enclosure
Written by Gizmo   
Saturday, 16 June 2007 21:39
(From give us a look at this enclosure:

SilverStone, the premier maker of awesome (and awesome-looking) computer cases, has come out with another hard drive enclosure. This time, though, it’s not JUST a simple enclosure. It’s more like an enclosure that pimps out the enclosed hard drive to up to 30 computers. Still not following? Okay, let me put it simple: It’s an NAS, which stands for “Network Attached Storage.”

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Basically, you hook this thing up to your network, and it lets up to 30 computers hook up to it for file transfers. Perhaps you’re thinking, “wait, this isn’t anything new, file servers have been around 4ever!” Partially correct you would be, but this is no ordinary file server. This file server measures in at only 14cm x 5cm x 23cm (W*H*L), or approximately 98.25 cubic inches, which is about the same displacement as, say, four standard DVD cases stacked together. That’s not very much. In fact, it’s pretty small, and that’s why this product is cool. It’s a full file server in the space of about 4 DVDs.

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