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Blockbuster move to support Blu-ray
Written by Aidan   
Monday, 18 June 2007 05:30

Those who are still following the HD-DVD vs Blu-ray 'war' (and haven't got bored of the whole thing yet) might already know this, but since last year Blockbuster have been renting out both HD-DVD and Blu-ray in 250 of the US stores. However, Blockbuster are claiming that their customers have chosen Blu-ray over HD-DVD. They go as far as to state that their customers were choosing Blu-ray over HD-DVD 70% of the time.

Based on this, Blockbuster have announced that 1,450 of their US stores will support only Blu-ray for high definition titles. Blockbuster also felt that the limited number of titles on HD-DVD was a reason to support Blu-ray over HD-DVD. Matthew Smith, senior vice president of merchandising told Associated Press, "The consumers are sending us a message. I can't igore what I'm seeing". Those who have been renting HD-DVDs will still be able to do so at the 250 stores that currently support HD-DVD. 

Does this mean that the writing might be beginning to appear on the wall for HD-DVD? Will you choose Blu-ray or HD-DVD - comment in our forums !


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