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Internet radio protests
Written by Danrok   
Saturday, 23 June 2007 05:47

Day of Silence looms

Anyone who enjoys tuning in to internet based radio stations may be listening to silence, this coming tuesday the 26th.  The reason is that the RIAA have increased commission charges, despite the fact that this may make some stations pull the plug completely.

At present, there is a huge number of radio stations to choose from.  Pretty much everyone's tastes are provided for.  The same cannot be said of traditional radio, which is broadcast through the airwaves.  It would be a great shame for music lovers to lose this choice, due to the greed of the RIAA and its supporters.

Thankfully some of the bigger names are putting their weight behind Tuesday's protest, including Yahoo music and Pandora.  AOL won't be, they're owned by Time Warner, and fully support the RIAA.

Some stations which are protesting will still be broadcasting, just no music.

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