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Motorola W510 reviewed
Written by Danrok   
Sunday, 24 June 2007 08:29


Motorola W510
From TrustedReviews:

A slim flip phone 

Those who are getting jaded with Motorola’s general handset design style might find the W510 just a bit on the dull side. At first glance it is simply another flip phone with a flat keyboard.

But in its favour I have to point out that it is not a wide format flip phone like the RAZR V3xx but a thinner flip much closer in overall dimensions to the KRZR K1.

If I were choosing between those two formats on looks and feel in the hand alone, I’d go for the KRZR every time. I loved that phones profile – it just felt right in my hands where the wider V3xx felt unwieldy. So from that point of view, the vibes for the W510 are positive. For the record this is a phone that weighs 107g and measures 46mm wide, 99mm tall and 17.5mm thick. When the clamshell is opened it grows to about 168mm.

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