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Change is a good thing....isn't it?
Written by Raphael2040   
Monday, 25 June 2007 05:45

I know there are many of us on the forums, and many of you reading this now that are familiar with GameSpot. In fact, I'm quite sure the majority of people who play games know of GameSpot. They are reknown for their amazing previews, reviews, trailers and screenshots for all games across all console types, and, of course, PC games, too.

So what's happening today, then? Well, many of you may have already noticed this, but on Friday of last week [22/06], the editor of GameSpot had announced a new scoring system for the games that have been reviewed. The staff over at GameSpot seem quite excited, but I'm not exactly sure how this will affect the users of GameSpot. Read more over at the GameSpot website.

Do you think it's going to have a massive effect? Is it even going to bother you? Let us know in the forums.


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