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Will web pages become the new medium of choice for the malformed and the malicious?
Written by Daniel   
Tuesday, 10 July 2007 10:42
Newsmaker: Don't be so quick to click that Web page
By Joris Evers
Staff Writer, CNET
Published: July 10, 2007, 4:00 AM PDT
newsmaker: What a world. First worms and viruses, then phishing schemes. But now, cautions Trend Micro Chief Technology Officer Raimund Genes, your online life may get that much hairier.

Welcome to the brave new world of booby-trapped Web pages. If Trend Micro's predictions hold up, more cyberattacks will originate from the Web than they do from e-mail.
That shift is expected to take place sometime next year, according to Genes. CNET caught up with Genes to find out how he sees the battle lines shifting.

Q: At the Gartner IT conference earlier this year, you talked about how Web threats are going to outdo or surpass e-mail threats. Can you flesh that out a bit? What do you mean by a Web threat?

Genes: Yes. A Web threat is something which uses the Internet to execute malicious activity. So, for example, even something which arrives via e-mail, if it can't survive without additional downloads from the Internet, it still constitutes a Web threat. It might be an e-mail containing a URL, but all the rest works via the Internet.

If an e-mail contains the URL, does it qualify as a Web threat or is it still an e-mail threat, according to your definition?
Genes: It's a Web threat because everything which needs the Internet to execute a malicious activity is a Web threat. What we are also seeing among enterprise users, with pretty tight security on e-mail, is that the main infection vector is actually over the Web. They do a good job in e-mail filtering, but a bad or no job at all when it comes to Web filtering.

Is that the only reason that Web threats are becoming bigger?
Genes: No, it's also because it's more attractive for the bad guys. If Webmasters are careless, then you have a perfect infection scene. You have a silent killer and you don't have the e-mail evidence to trace it back to the initial infection scene. It's perfect for espionage and all kinds of stuff....More

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