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DRM is dead, where to bury the body?
Written by Daniel   
Thursday, 12 July 2007 11:07
Sony seeks closure on MediaMax DRM fiasco by suing developer
ARS Technica
By Eric Bangeman | Published: July 12, 2007 - 10:20AM CT

Although Sony's rootkit fiasco was arguably the most harmful bit of DRM to ever come from Big Content, the MediaMax copy protection software deployed on other Sony discs also caused problems for consumers. Sony is looking for closure over the MediaMax ordeal by suing The Amergence Group, Inc., the company responsible for creating MediaMax when it was still known as SunnComm.

Unlike the rootkit, which was designed to be all but undetectable, version 5 of the MediaMax DRM software caused problems for users with a security vulnerability of its own. When installed on users' PCs, it opened a door through which malware writers could compromise a Windows-based PC. After being apprised of the vulnerability by security researchers, Sony and SunnComm released a patch, which was in turn condemned by Princeton computer science professor Ed Felton as also being insecure.

Sony's lawsuit against the The Amergence Group accuses it of violating its licensing agreement with Sony by releasing software that "did not perform as warranted." According to a copy of the complaint seen by The Hollywood Reporter, Amergence also stands accused of unfair business practices and negligence by Sony, which seeks $12 million in damages and court costs...More

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