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Intel 3x Chipsets (Bearlake)
Written by Gizmo   
Thursday, 12 July 2007 21:37

Digit-Life leads us on a tour of the Intel Bearlake chipset:

Intel has sustained almost a three-year pause since it launched its revolutionary family of i9xx chipsets. This family added the following features to desktop systems: a new socket type and power connector, DDR2 memory, PCI Express bus, and High Definition Audio. The following two generations of chipsets (i945/955/975 and i965) just increased FSB and memory clock rates and added support for new CPU families. Now we meet a new generation of chipsets, which update such important system characteristics as system bus and memory type and bring about a new naming scheme.

Read the full story at Digit-Life:

It must be noted here that all 3-series chipsets officially don't support Celeron D, Pentium 4, and Pentium D processors (as well as their Extreme Edition modifications). The lack of support is caused not by the modified characteristics of the processor bus, but by the new motherboard standard - FMB (to be more exact, by VRM), which supports future 45 nm processors, instead of 90 nm (and older) models. There is no direct connection between this chipset and its power supply subsystem, of course. But manufacturers almost always follow Intel design standards. So it's highly improbable that we'll see many Intel 3x models with support for "pre-Core 2" processors. To say nothing of motherboards supporting both Prescott and Penryn.

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