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UK Police will track you using CCTV afterall
Written by Danrok   
Wednesday, 18 July 2007 15:38

UK government proves to be as untrustwrothy, as it is predictable

The new car tracking system, which was installed to charge drivers for using certain roads in the UK, is now going to be used for general tracking by the police.

Anyone with a once of sense knew this would be coming, when these cameras were first installed. The camera system can recognise and read registration plates instantly, and send live data direct to the police.

Presently, these cameras are only installed around London.  But, you can expect them to be coming to a town near you before too long.

The increase in the police's dependence on technology, coincides with a lower academic requirement for new officers, and a decreasing number of police out in the streets.  And, as we all know, technology is easily countered by serious criminals. Few petty criminals drive cars which are registered to them, but at least they will be able to accurately track law abiding citizens on shopping trips!

More at the Telegraph here.

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