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Nvidia thinks your box costs to much...
Written by Daniel   
Thursday, 19 July 2007 11:11

 Except for your $800.00 Video card...that earns it's keep! ":O}

 NVIDIA exec to PC makers: Pimping overpriced gaming PCs hurts
ARS Technica
By Jeremy Reimer | Published: July 18, 2007 - 11:30PM CT

Is it too expensive to be a PC gamer? Roy Taylor, VP of content relations for NVIDIA, says that some gaming publishers feel that way, particularly when DirectX 10 is involved. But, he says, that perception is created by PC manufacturers who are primarily interested in pushing high-cost gaming machines rather than less expensive yet capable boxes.

Taylor's comments came in a brief article on his corporate blog that was intended to serve as a rebuttal to the notion that DirectX 10-capable gaming PCs are too expensive. Taylor recounted an unnamed game publisher who told him that his company was not interested in writing games for DirectX 10 because "all DX10 machines are $3,000 and too expensive." Such a view is ridiculous, of course, because DX10-class machines can be had for $1,000 and up. Whether or not you'd want to game on Vista using such a machine is another matter.

Yet Taylor has a theory as to why PC gaming gets a bad rap in terms of cost. He says that big OEMs and ISVs "think of PC gaming as a lucrative means of selling overpriced PC hardware better suited to winning magazine reviews than equipping end users with what they need to play the latest games." Taylor even suggests that this marketing approach is actually "damaging" to PC gaming.... More

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