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Microsoft sued over scratched game discs
Written by Danrok   
Friday, 20 July 2007 10:22

Xbox 360 owners unhappy about damaged game discs, suing MS

Microsoft's failure to fully put right damage caused by some Xbox 360 consoles scratching discs, has result in a class action law suit against them.

After denying for months on end that there was no major problems with the Xbox 360, which was rushed to market, Microsoft has now come clean.  However, they still haven't done much to address the issue of scratched discs. 

In this case, they told the plantiffs that they could get new discs at $20 a go. No offer was made to repair the fault with the machine, which is causing the discs to become scratched.

Read the class action complaint here (PDF).

Source here - the Inquirer.

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