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Flexibility or Security? LaCie d2 Series 500GB
Written by Gizmo   
Saturday, 21 July 2007 23:40
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Thinking about an external drive?  SysOpt give us a look at one option:

An external hard drive is one of those things that many PC users treat as a commodity: They're all alike, the thinking goes, and picking the right one is really a matter of price.

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The LaCie d2 Safe and LaCie d2 Quadra drive share a nearly identical gray aluminum casing. Inside each is the same Samsung 500GB disk. Where the two diverge is in the value-added features: The d2 Quadra supports four different kinds of PC connections, making it widely flexible for a host of different users and machines. Meanwhile, the d2 Safe offers an even glitzier attraction: full-disk encryption, backed up by a fingerprint-based biometric authentication system.

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