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Nintendo the big winner, PS3 dead last for the first half of 2007
Written by Daniel   
Wednesday, 25 July 2007 10:46
Nintendo the big winner, PS3 dead last for the first half of 2007
ARS Technica
By Ben Kuchera | Published: July 24, 2007 - 10:33PM CT

The NPD Group has released its monthly console sales numbers for June. These are important not only because the console war is a guerrilla activity with month-by-month sales being an important way to gauge consumer interest, but because with June's numbers, we can now look at the first half of the year and see who is doing well in moving hardware and who is falling behind.

The good news is that people are spending money on gaming: spending on games for June from last year is up 31 percent. If you look at year to date numbers, total spending in 2007 is $6.10 billion, up a staggering 43 percent from 2006's $4.25 billion. Spending on hardware comes to $2.3 billion, which is a 71 percent gain from last year's June total of $1.37 billion. Software is likewise up 24 percent for consoles and 35 percent for portables from last year. People are buying games, but more importantly, they're buying systems.

Which systems are they buying? We've put together the sales totals for the last four months, and while there is some variance, everyone seems to have settled into a nicely worn rut. The DS and Wii are obvious stunners when it comes to units shifted, with the PS2 still a strong seller. The PSP is also doing well and is the only system that has been moving upwards as times goes on. The newly redesigned system will likely increase sales. While Nintendo is clearly the king of portables, that shouldn't take away from the fact that Sony seems to have a nicely viable system that has cleared out its own corner of the portable market. The PlayStation 3 is showing some truly dismal numbers, but we'll hold off judgement of the system's fate until next month, when we see the fruits of Sony's supposed price drop.... More

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