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The Best of Three Worlds
Written by Gizmo   
Monday, 30 July 2007 21:31

Icrontic give us a quick run-down on the plus-sides of all three consoles:

There sure is a lot of fanboyism surrounding game consoles. Each of the three current consoles has a very vocal, almost religious, following. In order to be a member of the club,you have to really hate the competition.

As a game journalist, I try to be as impartial as possible. Each system has their weak points (by now you probably know what they are) but I intend to focus on the positive. We could all use a little positive energy in our lives sometimes, right?

Read the full story at Icrontic:

I own all three: a Nintendo Wii, a Microsoft Xbox 360, and a Sony Playstation 3. I’ve had the 360 for a little over a year, the Wii since launch day (mid November) and the PS3 for a month or so. I’ve had time to explore the ins and outs of each system and I feel comfortable enough with each to be able to point out what I really like about each one. And believe me, each one has something to like.

I’m not going to talk about price or game selection. The price is what it is, it will change, and if you want it, you’ll figure out a way to get it. The game selection is pointless to debate. The gamescape will look very different six months, a year, and two years from now. Every major game console had a crappy starter library when it launched. I’m also not going to be making a buying recommendation. I’ll go in alphabetical order, to be fair.


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