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Eminem Sues Apple Over iTunes Downloads
Written by Daniel   
Wednesday, 01 August 2007 13:52

Eminem Sues Apple Over iTunes Downloads
Brandon Hill (Blog) - August 1, 2007 11:36 AM

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Nobody messes with Marshall Matthers III, aka Eminem
Eminem and his crew take a bite out of Apple

Everyone wants a bite out of Apple the days. Apple was sued in early July for copyright infringement concerning Avril Lavigne's "Girlfriend." Apple came under fire yet again in late July when Jose Trujillo filed an anti-trust lawsuit against the company over the iPhone's lack of a user-replaceable battery and "poor" battery life.

Today, it's rap artist Eminem's turn to bite down to Apple's core. In a multi-million dollar lawsuit filed on Monday, Eminem's producer (Eight Mile Style) and his copyright manager (Martin Affiliated) claim that Universal Musical Group was never authorized to allow the download of his music from iTunes... More

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