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Google wants it all... big surprise.
Written by Daniel   
Thursday, 02 August 2007 11:25
Google may still challenge incumbents for 700MHz spectrum
ARS Technica
By Nate Anderson | Published: August 02, 2007 - 09:45AM CT

The 700MHz auction rules have now been announced, and even though the fine print is not yet available, companies have started to weigh in. While it's no secret that incumbent telcos plan to bid on the newly-available spectrum, consumer groups are far more interested about what nonincumbents such as Google might do—and Google has provided a partial answer to that question: they're going to fight.

Google didn't get all that it wanted from the auction. It had earlier pledged to bid at least $4.6 billion if the FCC slapped four open access requirements on the available spectrum; the agency chose to apply only two. Whoever wins the largest 22MHz block of spectrum will need to run a network that is open to any safe device and to any application (the other 40 MHz will be auctioned off in smaller blocks and by region, and does not feature the same rules). But Google never said that it wouldn't bid if its wish list wasn't fulfilled, and the multibillion dollar question on everyone's mind is: will Google, or won't it?

Richard Whitt, Google's telecom and media counsel, called the new rules "real, if incomplete, progress," and then took a swipe at the traditional phone companies. "None of us like how the current system locks you into wireless service plans that limit the kind of phone or PDA you can use, prevent you from downloading and using the software of your choice, and charge you hefty termination fees if you try to get out," he wrote. "And it's hard to ignore how the existing wireless carriers talk a good game about the virtues of the free market, but prefer to keep us stuck in their closed market. Today the FCC took some concrete steps on the road to bringing greater choice and competition to all Americans."... More

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