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Halo 3 single player: Hands on
Written by Raphael2040   
Friday, 03 August 2007 09:13

Halo 3; quite easily one of the most anticipated titles for release this year. The public beta gave players a chance to have a go at the multiplayer element of the game, but what about the much-anticipated single player? The single player storyline is anticipated to be top-notch, since it is bringing an end to the series.

Well,  a recent press event in Amsterdam allowed journalists to pick up the controller and play the single player mode.  What did they have to say about it..?

"For a moment it appears as though Halo 3 has crash landed in Gears of War territory - the gothic and crepuscular Xbox 360 title. But after a few bends and turns you emerge onto the familiar candy-coloured landscape so familiar to Halo players."

"Happily, the graphics engine of Halo 3 is able to throw much more action onto the screen than previous titles. Battles are definitely bigger, huge ships swoop overhead, marines and aliens engage in fierce action, and there is a tangible feeling of epic scope."

Read more over at the BBC

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