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Looks aren't everything!
Written by Raphael2040   
Tuesday, 07 August 2007 07:59

In a world where technology is progressing and games are looking better and better, one can't help but wonder; are looks really everything? Perhaps we have become so flawed into thinking that games have to look good, that we have forgotten what truly makes a good game.

According to Mike Ward over on the BBC, he believes that games don't just need to look good, but they need to have a 'realistic' factor when playing them, too. Game 'modding' tools and user-created content also play a large part in making a good game, he stated.

Read more over at the BBC.

What do you think? Does a game -have- to have good graphics and be realistic for you to play it? Or do you not mind the likes of games like Quake and Prey? Let us know in the forums! 


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