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Official Vista "performance" and "compatibility" packs released
Written by Daniel   
Wednesday, 08 August 2007 09:58
Official Vista "performance" and "compatibility" packs released
By Ken Fisher | Published: August 07, 2007 - 08:12PM CT
ARS Technica
Microsoft still isn't commenting on when a beta of Service Pack 1 for Vista will be officially released (our money is on November), but the company has posted two updates that are expected to be part of that final package: the "performance and reliability" update and the "compatibility and reliability" update. These are official releases.

The "standalone updates" have been posted to Microsoft's support site, and users will need to validate their Vista installs via WGA to download them. A Microsoft spokesperson would not indicate when the patches would find their way to Windows Update, but the company confirms that these are not beta releases. We suspect that they will roll out automagically on the next Patch Tuesday, August 14.

The quick and dirty: Explorer file transfer (copy/move) slowness looks to have been fixed (finally), hibernate and sleep now actually work as advertised (at least on my Toshiba R400), and a load of video card support issues have been rolled up. For those of you keeping track, the MD5 hashes on these updates match those that were leaked last week.... More

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